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Intro to Race


Race is a thorny issue. Although it’s often discussed, questions about the subject run the gamut. Exactly what is race, and what is racism? With the resources below, learn what science has to say about the topic. Get tips on how to identify different kinds of racism and celebrate diversity.
  1. Understanding Race
  2. Racism
  3. Children and Race
  4. Race at Work

Understanding Race

Want the lowdown on the concept of race? Discover how science defines race. Learn about literature that challenges race as a social construct.


Racism is one of the most divisive issues in society. Learn about different forms of racism and how to best address them.

Children and Race

Don’t hesitate to talk to kids about race. Children as young as three have a concept of racial differences between groups. Learn how to help children embrace people of all backgrounds and develop an appreciation for their racial heritage. Give kids the tools they need to counteract racist bullying in school and elsewhere.

Race at Work

As the American employment base becomes increasingly more diverse, it’s important to learn how to embrace workers from an array of backgrounds. Get tips on how to organize successful diversity workshops. If you’re a job applicant, learn how to avoid being a victim of hiring discrimination. If you’re a manager, learn not to rule out applicants from backgrounds unfamiliar to you.

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