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Dealing With Racism

Strategies to Identify Discrimination and Counter It


What is racism? When people use this term, they may be referring to various forms of discrimination—institutional racism, internalized racism, reverse racism and so forth. Learn to define the racism you encounter and fight against it. Taking part in demonstrations and reaching out to the powers that be when a racist episode occurs are just some ways you can be an anti-racist activist. Talking to kids about race and arming them with strategies to fight racist bullying in schools are ways to influence how younger generations approach racism.

What Is Racism?

What is racism, really? Explore the definition of racism. Learn what internalized racism is as well as other forms of racism, such as horizontal racism and reverse racism. Examine examples of racism from the past and the present.

How to Be an Anti-Racism Activist

America has a long line of anti-racist activists. Follow the lead of the country’s trailblazers in race relations by learning how to take part in protests, letter-writing campaigns and media interviews. Learn the importance of anti-racist activism.

Racist Bullying in School

Bullies pick on classmates from everything to the grades they get to the way they dress, but what happens when race enters the picture? Discover which steps to take to end racist bullying in school.

Talking to Kids About Race

Talking to kids about race doesn’t come easy for parents, but it’s a subject not to be avoided. That’s because children will form ideas about race whether or not parents raise the issue. Learn to inform children about this complex issue.
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