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Debates rage about the need for affirmative action to create a level playing field in the employment base. While many companies value diversity in the workplace, others have yet to make ground in this area and continue engaging in discrimination during job interviews. Learn to avoid hiring discrimination.

Diversity at Work
The American workplace is more diverse than ever. But that doesn’t mean that businesses welcome workers of diverse backgrounds with open arms. Foster appreciation of diversity at work by holding diversity workshops and celebrating the cultural backgrounds of coworkers. Avoid discriminating against job applicants by knowing which questions are appropriate to ask during job interviews. Don’t di…

Discrimination During a Job Interview
You think you’ve been a victim of racial discrimination during a job interview, but you’re not sure. Learn about the questions interviewers may ask that violate your civil rights and how to take action against a discriminatory employer.

Avoid Hiring Discrimination
Job discrimination based on race is alive and well, but is it possible to avoid it while searching for work? Fortunately, yes. Learn which strategies to use to avoid hiring discrimination. Dont be a victim.

Top Companies Hit With Racial Discrimination Suits
Racial discrimination lawsuits filed against high-profile companies such as Walmart, Abercrombie & Fitch and General Electric indicate that racism in the workplace continues to serve as a barrier for people of color.

Four Ways Employers Unintentionally Racially Discriminate
Racial discrimination in the workplace is of grave concern to communities of color as the nation rebounds from the economic recession. But sometimes employers don’t intentionally discriminate. They simply have hiring policies that weed out the bulk of minority candidates.

Income Inequality Among Minority Workers
Workers of color continue to face barriers that prevent them from earning paychecks as large as their white counterparts do. A number of studies indicate that even when whites and minorities work in the same fields, the latter earns less. This overview highlights findings from reports about race-based economic inequality.

Racially Inappropriate Behaviors at Work
Because Americans from different ethnic groups still have much to learn about each other, the workplace is often the site of racially offensive behavior. Sometimes colleagues unintentionally make racial gaffes, and other times racial prejudice is to blame for bad behavior at work. Whatever the culprit, it’s in every employee’s interest to avoid...

How to Encourage Diversity in the Workplace
Making sure employees from different racial backgrounds feel comfortable at work has several benefits. Not only can encouraging diversity in the workplace enhance team spirit, it can also boost creativity and promote a sense of investment in the company.

Five Ways to Welcome New Employees from Underrepresented Racial Groups
Entering any new workplace can be daunting, but employees of color entering a majority white workplace may find the process doubly intimidating. Ease new employees into their work environment by welcoming them in five surefire ways that will make them comfortable.

Common Ground in the Workplace
While it’s important to value the cultural and ethnic differences among people, a search for the common ground between individuals—especially, coworkers—can result in bonding.

Appreciating Diversity During the Holidays
The workplace is home to employees with diverse cultural backgrounds and religious traditions. Managers can play a role in ensuring that diverse groups of workers feel appreciated rather than alienated during holiday festivities.

Multiculturalism and the Office
As America has evolved into a melting pot—or salad bowl, if you prefer— the workplace has also changed. Discover how employers have made adjustments to serve a diverse workforce. Learn about the “equal pay for equal work” movement.

Carlson Industries: A Champion in Diversity
Carlson Industries has employed a set of diversity initiatives to develop a workforce with great numbers of women and members from ethnic minority groups. Discover the strategies Carlson used to emerge as a frontrunner in employment diversity.

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