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Become an anti-racist activist by taking part in letter-writing campaigns and building relationships with the media. Launch an organization or get a job that allows you to fight racism.

How to Be an Anti-Racism Activist
America has a long line of anti-racist activists. Follow the lead of the country’s trailblazers in race relations by learning how to take part in protests, letter-writing campaigns and media interviews. Learn the importance of anti-racist activism.

How Voters of Color Shaped the 2012 Election
Minority voters came to the polls in record numbers during the 2012 election. Their overwhelming support of President Barack Obama led the nation to question the future of the Republican Party in politics.

Take Action Against Hate Crimes
Hate crimes don’t happen in a vacuum. By educating people about racism and xenophobia and supporting organizations that fight intolerance, the public can help take action against hate crimes.

Avoid Being a Hate Crime Victim
There’s no surefire way to avoid becoming a hate crime victim, but members of minority groups can discourage would-be perpetrators by securing their properties, traveling in groups and building relationships with the authorities, among other steps.

10 Principles of Nonviolence
Learn more about the philosophy of nonviolence with this overview of its tenets.

How to Fight For Justice For Trayvon Martin
A Florida jury’s decision to acquit George Zimmerman of murdering 17-year-old Trayvon Martin on July 13, 2013, sparked numerous protests across the country. While rallies are a great way to express discontent with injustice, there are a number of concrete steps the public can take to effect change as well.

How to Protest Companies That Racially Discriminate
Should you take action against a company accused of racial discrimination? This guide shows you the steps to take to pursue justice—from creating online petitions to spreading word about racist business via word of mouth campaigns.

An Overview of the Civil Rights Movement
Many of the achievements minority groups have made today can be directly traced to the he U.S. civil rights movement. With the information in this overview, discover the highlights of the civil rights movement, the challenges leaders such as the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. faced and the role groups such as the National Urban League played. The...

Quotes About Nonviolence

Four Ways to Live Out King’s Dream
Inspired by the activism of Martin Luther King Jr.? Don’t just visit his national memorial in Washington, D.C. Live out his dream by continuing his work today.

Five Ways to Avoid Being a Racism Victim
There are steps you can take to lessen your chances of being a victim of racism. Your financial status, the education you receive and where you live may decrease the encounters you have with racial discrimination.

Five Ways to Handle a Racist Relative
If you have racist family members, there are several steps you can take to prevent their behavior from having a negative impact on you, such as setting limits and giving consequences for their behavior.

Five Famous Slave Revolts
The peculiar institution of slavery lasted in the United States for hundreds of years. However, just because the institution extended for so many years does not mean that blacks didn’t actively resist slavery. Nat Turner, Denmark Vesey and Gabriel Prosser are among the African Americans who planned the most famous slave rebellions in North...

Latinos in Politics
Civic engagement has long been part of the Hispanic American experience in the U.S. Latinos have demonstrated for better educations for Hispanic youth and for the rights of farm workers and immigrants, to name a few. Today, Hispanic politicians are rising stars in both the Democratic and Republican parties as well as on the Supreme Court, and...

Five Irresponsible Reactions to the Trayvon Martin Killing
The killing of Trayvon Martin has caused divisions along political and sometimes racial lines, but some people have heightened tensions following the black teen’s killing with irresponsible and offensive behavior—from offering a bounty for the 17-year-old’s killer, George Zimmerman, to hacking his email and changing the passwords and logins to...

Six Prominent Blacks Who Support Gay Marriage
When President Barack Obama announced on May 9, 2012, that he indeed supported gay marriage, the mainstream media asked if it would result in black voters staying home on Election Day given that proportionally more blacks than other groups oppose same sex marriage. The black community is a diverse group, however, and a number of prominent blacks...

Would Martin Luther King Jr. Have Fought For Gay Rights?
The Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. championed a number of other causes outside of racial justice in his short life. This has led some to wonder if the civil rights advocate would have also supported gay rights. The fact that those close to him have spoken out in support of gay rights may mean that King would have.

Four Ways Churches Can Foster Cultural Diversity
Church leaders who aim to make their congregations more diverse can foster multiculturalism by following steps such as discussing race with church members and making minority groups who already attend services feel included.

How to Fight for Civil Liberties
Fight racism and improve race relations by becoming a civil rights activist. Don’t know where to begin? Fortunately, a little do-it-yourself coaching is all that’s needed to enter the civil liberties arena. Explore the avenues available to you.

Why Protests Aren't a Waste of Time
Think protests fail to accomplish anything? Get a different viewpoint as well as a breakdown about why protests matter. Fight racial injustice by taking part in a demonstration.

How College Students Can Be Politically Active Before an Election
College is a great time to enter the political arena. There are lots of like-minded individuals at your disposal, and you’re not saddled down with a family or a fulltime job. There’s still homework to do, though. Learn how to get politically involved before an election without flunking out of school.

Voting as a College Student
College students are a critical voting bloc and thus make great agents for change. In fact, young people played a key role in getting the first black president of the United States elected. Don’t let being in college stop you from voting. Learn how to vote whether you attend university in or out of your home state.

Five Ways to Respond to a Racist Joke
The least funny jokes around aren’t knock-knock jokes but racist ones. So, what’s the best way to respond when someone tells a racist joke? Aim to handle yourself and the joke-teller with integrity.

Protecting Oneself Against Racism
This list of tips features strategies one can use to reduce the chances of being victimized by racism.

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