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Interracial Love


Interracial love runs the gamut—from being in an interracial marriage to raising biracial children or to simply reaching out to those from different racial backgrounds in a given community. Loving across racial lines continues to prove challenging, as racism—and thus opposition to interracial relationships—still exists. Learn how to celebrate interracial love and multiculturalism and strategies to counter hostility to interracial relationships.
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  2. Multicultural Children and Families
  3. Interracial Partnerships and Collaborations

Interracial Romance

Interracial romance is nothing new but still faces unique challenges. Learn about the history of interracial romance in the United States, its depiction in popular culture, how interracial couples have changed throughout the years and more.

Multicultural Children and Families

Multicultural families have grown in numbers and in prominence over the decades. Consider the fact that the U.S. electorate voted a man from such a family into presidential office. Learn how members of multicultural families can best respect the heritage of their loved ones and teach mixed-race children to embrace each culture that makes up their ancestry.

Interracial Partnerships and Collaborations

Interracial relationships aren’t always romantic in nature or family-based. Sometimes, individuals or communities make a conscious decision to partner interracially in places such as houses of worship or on artistic projects such as recording a piece of music. Find out why it’s important for those who aren’t racially mixed or involved in interracial romances to reach out cross racially and include diverse groups of people in their activities.

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