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The presentation of race in Hollywood, music and other forms of entertainment can make or break stereotypes.

People of Color in Cinema
Explore some of the motion picture industry’s best films about the civil rights movement, interracial romance and how different minority groups experience the holidays with this list of movies. This overview highlights everything from the most racially diverse Christmas films to interracial romance films involving gay couples.

Interracial Romance Films: A List of Groundbreaking Movies
Today, interracial romances are commonly depicted on the small and big screen, alike. But that wasnt always the case. As recently as the 1960s, cinema featuring interracial love stories faced boycotts and banning in parts of the U.S. Despite such opposition, filmmakers persisted in developing storylines with interracial couples. Often, these movies used the trials and tribulations of racially

Race Films During The Obama Age: "The Help," "Django," "The Butler," Etc.
This overview sums up the race-related films that have been released during President Obama's tenure in the White House.

Five Network Television Shows Starring Black Women
Only a handful of major television networks have featuring African American women in starring roles. This roundup highlights the handful of network TV shows that have aired starring black women, including “Scandal” and “Julia.”

A round up of film review excerpts about the “Cesar Chavez” movie.

Interracial Couples on TV Shows in the 20th Century
Today interracial couples appear on television shows all the time, but for much of the 20th century seeing individuals from different racial backgrounds marry or become romantically involved on the small screen was a major taboo. This list highlights some of televisions early interracial couples.

Interracial Couples and Blacks on Television
Who were some of the earliest interracial couples featured on television? Which TV shows have featured black women as leads? When did MTV began featuring the videos of black performers? Discover the answers to these questions with this overview of race on television.

Contemporary Films About the Civil Rights Movement
This overview of civil rights movies from the late 1980s on illustrates which films in the genre offer a balanced perspective of the movement and which films fall short. "Boycott," starring Jeffrey Wright, "Ghosts of Mississippi," starring Whoopi Goldberg and Sissy Spacek, and "Mississippi Burning," starring Gene Hackman and Willem Defoe, are...

Six Notable Films About Slavery
This roundup of films about slavery sums up six major movies about the subject: “Django Unchained,” “Amazing Grace,” “Amistad,” “Beloved,” “Glory” and “Roots.”

Film Reviews Explain The Success of Lee Daniels’ “The Butler”
Quotes from film reviews of “Lee Daniels’ The Butler” help explain why a period film about race and civil rights succeed at the box office.

Six Feature Films About Apartheid
Learn more about South African apartheid with this list of feature films about the topic.

Five Public Figures Weigh-In on Django Unchained
Quentin Tarantino’s controversial slave-revenge film “Django Unchained” has focused attention on depictions of slavery in Hollywood and the nation’s understanding of slavery’s history.

Writers of Color and Books about Race
Reading literature about race is a helpful way to learn about different cultures, race and racism, among other issues. Novels, memoirs and other nonfiction have served to educate the public about what it’s like to belong to a minority group. Writers of various backgrounds—black, Asian American, Latino and Native American—have penned books that...

A Multicultural List of Civil Rights Documentaries
Want a better grasp of the civil rights movement? Check out this roundup of documentary films that chronicle the black, Latino and Asian-American quest for racial justice in the U.S. Learn more about the role people such as Fred Korematsu, Cesar Chavez, Emmett Till and the Freedom Riders played in the fight for equity by consulting this diverse...

Multicultural Holiday Films
Year after year, many families watch the same Christmas movies that have been in rotation during the holiday season for decades. Not only are most of these holiday films in black-and-white, they also feature entirely white casts. For families of color, these holiday film classics fall short. Fortunately, contemporary films capture what the...

Latinos in TV and Film
A review of Latinos in Hollywood, including Oscar winners of Hispanic heritage, the Cesar Chavez biopic, Latinos in interracial romance films and common stereotypes about Latinos in Hollywood.

Latino Academy Award Winners
Just five actors of Latin American heritage have won Academy Awards. Learn more about these actors and their performances with this list of Latino Oscar winners.

Celebrities Who’ve Sparked Controversy by Saying the N-Word
A number of celebrities have sparked controversy for saying the dreadful N-word in recent years. Find out which notable people made this dubious list. The stars included are actors, musicians and reality stars, to name a few. What’s more, they come from a range of racial backgrounds. Can you name any of the celebrities in question?

Celebrities Bullied as Children Because of Race
A number of celebrities from ethnic minority backgrounds have recalled that they were bullied as children because of their heritage. Jessica Alba, Chris Rock and Steven Spielberg are some of the stars who’ve come forward as victims of bullying in childhood.

Rappers Weigh In on Gwyneth Paltrow’s N-Word Tweet
A number of entertainers in the hip-hop world have given their thoughts on whether white actress Gwyneth Paltrow justifiably used the N-word when she included it in a tweet to reference the song “Niggas in Paris.”

Famous Blacks Who’ve Spoken Out Against the N-Word
Many whites wonder why they can’t say the N-word if black people can. However, a number of blacks object to usage of the N-word and consider it offensive coming out of a black person’s mouth or a white person’s. Oprah Winfrey and Bill Cosby are among the blacks who’ve spoken out against the N-word.

Racial Controversies and the Olympic Games
This overview highlights the major racial controversies that occurred during the 2012 Olympic Games in London. They include the decision of the IOC not to have a moment of silence in honor of the Israeli athletes killed at the 1972 Games, racist tweets European athletes sent out about people of color and the controversy over NBC showing an ad...

Five Famous Native American and First Nations Actors
In the early days of Hollywood, Native American actors were relegated to stereotypical roles in Cowboys and Indians flicks. Although Hollywood still has much progress to make in how it represents American Indians, talented Native American and First Nations actors from the U.S. and Canada have been leaving their mark on the film industry by...

Passing for White in Hollywood
Classic Hollywood icons often downplayed their ethnic makeup because studios demanded it. This led many famous people to engage in the practice known as passing for white. Do you know which stars passed for white in film or in their personal lives?

Music, Race and Cultural Appropriation
This overview examines the ways that racism and music have intersected over the years—from MTV shutting out black artists in its early years to pop stars today appropriating the cultures of racial minorities.

Interracial Musical Collaborations: 10 Notable Tracks
Black music. White music. These terms seem outdated, but for years segregation in music was a real problem. This made it all the more remarkable when black musicians and white musicians collaborated on projects together. Discover 10 of the most notable interracial musical collaborations to take place from the 1980s to the present.

MTV and Black Music: A Rocky History
How did MTV shift from arguably shutting African American musicians out in the 1980s to routinely spotlighting their contributions decades later? This brief history of the channel shows how MTV and black music overcame their rocky history.

Public Enemy: A Biography
How did Public Enemy rise to fame by tackling racism in songs such as “Burn Hollywood Burn” and “911 Is a Joke”? This Public Enemy biography shows how the group topped album charts with a militant message.

Zack de la Rocha Biography
This profile of Rage Against the Machine front man Zack de la Rocha chronicles his journey as a racially alienated youth in Orange County to an outspoken anti-racist musician.

Five Top Musicians of Arab Descent: From Paul Anka to Paula Abdul
A number of musicians of Arab descent have topped the charts in the United States. Learn more about them with this list of Arab-American pop stars.

5 Famous Arab-American Actors: From Omar Sharif to Salma Hayek
Arab-American actors such as Omar Sharif and Marlo Thomas have long made their mark on the world of film and television. Learn more about the ethnic backgrounds and achievements of famous Arab-American actors with this list.

Common Stereotypes of Minorities in Film and Television
This overview explores the ways in which racial minority groups, including blacks, Hispanics, Arabs, Asians and Native Americans, are stereotyped in film and television.

Five Common Black Stereotypes in TV and Film
This analysis of the common ways blacks are typecast in Hollywood reveals why stereotypical roles do a disservice to the African-American community.

Five Common Latino Stereotypes in Television and Film
This list of stereotypes about Hispanics in film and television break down why sweeping generalizations about Latinos miss the mark.

Five Common Asian-American Stereotypes in TV and Film
This list examines five common stereotypes about Asian Americans featured in television and film, including the dragon lady, the geek, the prostitute, the foreigner and the martial artist.

Five Common Native American Stereotypes in Film and Television
This overview of Native American stereotypes in television and film reveals how often the racial group has been labeled as warriors, beautiful maidens, magical medicine men and other characters that influence public perception of American Indians.

Cultural Appropriation in Music: From Madonna to Miley Cyrus
This overview examines celebrities such as Miley Cyrus and Gwen Stefani, who’ve been accused, of cultural appropriation because of their behavior, style of dress, music videos and more.

5 Common Arab Stereotypes in Television and Film
Hollywood has a long history of portraying Middle Eastern people as terrorists, Islamic fundamentalists, misogynists and other negative stereotypes that result in real life Arab Americans facing racial discrimination and other forms of mistreatment.

Reaction to Julie Chen’s Decision to Have Eyelid Surgery
Julie Chen’s confession that she underwent double eyelid surgery in the 1990s to appear less Asian and advance her career has sparked controversy

Minority Celebrities Accused of Trying to Look White
Numerous celebrities of color have faced accusations over the years that they’ve altered their appearance to look more white. Beyonce and Sammy Sosa are among them.

Celebrities, Racial Identity and Racism
Even celebrities have to deal with racism and its impact on U.S. culture. A number of celebrities have discussed their experiences with racism, including their accounts of being racially profiled, bullied because of race and more. Celebrities also face questions from the public about their racial identity.

Stereotypes of Italian Americans in Film And Television

Glowing Reviews for “12 Years a Slave”

Commentary and Reviews About Contemporary Race Films

Celebrities on Interracial Marriage: From Taye Diggs to Tamera Mowry
This list of comments from stars in interracial relationships shows how the relationships remain taboo and how mixed couples can counter opposition.

Reaction to People Magazine Naming Lupita Nyong’o “Most Beautiful”

Black Actresses Speak Out About Colorism
A number of black actresses, including Lupita Nyong’o and Gabrielle Union, have spoken out over the years about the impact colorism and skin color prejudice has had on their lives.

A Roundup of Film Reviews About Belle
Excerpts from film reviews about Belle, which tells the story of a mixed-race woman raised in a family of aristocrats in 18th century England.

Quotes From Belles Star, Director and Writer About The Film
Quotes from Belles star, Gugu Mbatha-Raw, its director, Amma Asante, and its screenwriter, Misan Sagay, on the period piece about a mixed-race woman raised as an aristocrat.

Facts, Quotes and Film Reviews About "Belle"
A roundup of excerpts from film reviews about Belle as well as quotes from its star, director and screenwriter and a profile of the films inspiration, Dido Elizabeth Belle.

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