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Five Top Conservatives Discuss GOP’s Outreach to Minorities


Five Top Conservatives Discuss GOP’s Outreach to Minorities

Ann Coulter

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President Barack Obama won a decisive re-election victory over Republican rival Mitt Romney on Nov. 6, 2012. Much of the credit for that victory goes to young adults, single women, blacks and Latinos—all groups that voted for Obama in bulk on Election Day 2012. The way these groups led Obama to victory resulted in Republicans reassessing their outreach to minorities. Can Republicans devise a platform that appeals to blacks and Latinos? Will the GOP continue to be relevant in an increasingly diverse America? Prominent Republicans such as Mike Huckabee, Bill O’Reilly and Ann Coulter discussed the future of the Republican Party following Obama’s successful re-election campaign.

Huckabee Says GOP Doesn’t Try to Draw Minorities

Former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee didn’t hesitate to criticize the GOP’s lackluster outreach to minorities after Obama defeated Romney thanks in large part to a coalition of ethnically diverse voters. “I think Republicans have done a pathetic job of reaching out to people of color, something we’ve gotta work on,” Huckabee told Fox News on election night. “It’s a group of people that frankly should be with us based on the real policy of [conservatism]. But Republicans have acted as if they can’t get the vote, so they don’t try. And the result is they don’t get the vote. So that’s not to me as much of a shock.”

Limbaugh Wants Republicans to Get More Credit

Rush Limbaugh balked at the idea that the GOP needs to conduct more outreach to minorities following Romney’s loss to Obama. “It’s being said once again that the Republicans have an outreach problem—that we don’t have Hispanics, and we don’t have blacks and we don’t have women…and it’s okay, fine, we don’t,” Limbaugh said on the Nov. 7, 2012, broadcast of his radio show. “What are we supposed to do? Are we supposed to embrace amnesty [for immigrants]?” Limbaugh went on to note that the GOP boasts many highly accomplished people of color. “They serve in office,” he pointed out. “Many of them are CEOs. It doesn’t count. It doesn’t count in the media. It doesn’t count in the Democratic Party. It doesn’t count with Obama voters.”

Coulter Blames Ethnic Loyalty for Election Outcome

Conservative commentator Ann Coulter discussed the Hispanic vote on Fox News after the election. She said that ethnic loyalty has dissuaded more Latinos from supporting the Republican Party. “Hispanic immigrants—we are not appealing to them with an economic message even though they have this incredibly high unemployment under Obama,” she noted. “They don’t vote on that. …They’re Hispanic, they have to vote for the Democrat. White people aren’t like that. White people can vote for Republicans or Democrats. Nobody says to you, ‘How can you vote for the Democrat, you’re a white person?’ But there is an ethnic loyalty and that is a problem for the country.”

Bill O’Reilly Blasts Obama Supporters

Fox News personality Bill O’Reilly implied that the outcome of the 2012 election spelled the demise of the white elite in America. “The white establishment is now the minority,” O’Reilly said as the election returns came in on Nov. 6. “And the voters, many of them, feel that the economic system is stacked against them and they want stuff. You are going to see a tremendous Hispanic vote for President Obama. Overwhelming black vote for President Obama. And women will probably break President Obama’s way. People feel that they are entitled to things and which candidate, between the two, is going to give them things?”

Dick Morris: “Not Your Father’s America”

Conservative commentator Dick Morris foresaw a decisive Romney victory before the election. When the opposite turned out to be true, Morris had to account for woefully missing the mark. He said he failed to take into account the changes in the American electorate over the years. “The demographics are changing,” he said. “It’s not a traditional America anymore.” Morris said that the GOP will have to reach out to the diverse groups that make up the electorate or risk defeat in future elections. “The percentage of single women, minorities and voters under 30 is so large at this point that unless the Republican Party fundamentally changes its appeal to those voters, it can never win an election,” Morris said. “If this candidate in this economy against this opponent can’t win an election with this electorate — nobody ever can. And what the Republican Party needs to do is to stop running in the face of those demographics, and start appealing to them and start revising some of its priorities and its positions in order to reach that vote because that vote is here to stay.”

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