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Diversity provides an assortment of benefits that can enhance any workplace, classroom or community. Use diversity workshops to foster cultural awareness. Use your awareness of racially sensitive language to avoid alienating others and to build strong cross-cultural relationships.
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Avoiding Racist Language
Language can benefit race relations or worsen them. Knowing which terms to avoid and which questions to avoid asking people of color can help foster cross-cultural relationships.

Five Terms You Might Not Know Are Considered Racist
The United States is known for its slang, but some expressions Americans use casually are considered racially offensive. If you want to avoid inadvertently hurting someone with your language, use this list to learn which terms to retire from your vocabulary.

Controversies and Debate Sparked By The N-Word
In recent years, the N-word has resulted in a series of controversies and debates on the public stage. Rappers who use the N-word in their songs defend its use and describe the epithet as a term of endearment. Others in the public eye say that they will forever regard the N-word as a racial slur.

Is it Ever Okay to Use The N-Word?
Many people would argue that it’s never okay to use the N-word, but there are a few times when uttering racial slur may be appropriate, such as when journalists report on the epithet.

The Controversy Over Black Names
Many African Americans have named their children unique names since the 1960s on, but studies have shown that blacks with “ethnic names” have faced racial discrimination from employers and others.

The Black Names Debate
The names black parents give their children have garnered a great deal of media attention over the years. This overview sums up recent commentary about black names in the press.

Five Bad Excuses People Give When Called Racist
No one wants to be called a racist but sometimes people who’ve been unquestionably racially insensitive protest the label by trotting out hackneyed excuses such as “some of my best friends are black.” This list explains why the excuses people commonly use to defend themselves against racism accusations don’t hold up.

An Overview of The Debate About Black Names
This overview explores the ongoing debate about black names, including the personal experiences of blacks with unconventional names, how such blacks face discrimination and strategies they can use to counter discrimination.

Diversity Workshops: Do's and Don'ts
By consulting diversity experts, encouraging team building and setting ground rules, you can hold diversity workshops that pay off.

Tips on Developing Racial Sensitivity
Political correctness gets a bad rap. Both liberals and conservatives knock this form of decorum, labeling its proponents disingenuous. But in a society where people of diverse backgrounds often interact, racial sensitivity is key. Never has it been more crucial to counter racist behavior by distinguishing politically correct terms from racist...

Six Questions to Avoid Asking People of Color
People of color complain that they're often asked questions based on stereotypes and racist assumptions. Here are six questions not to ask members of racial minority groups.

The College Experience For Students of Color
Students of color can make the transition from home to college easier by examining how diverse a college’s student body is and choosing to live in a multicultural residence hall, among other steps.

Five Tips to Help Minority Students Choose the Right College
Students of color face challenges in higher education that others don’t, but one way they can offset these challenges is by choosing colleges in which they don’t feel alienated. Minority students are more likely to feel that they belong if they attend colleges with diverse student bodies in diverse areas.

The Return of Blackface
Blackface first became popular during the minstrel shows of the 1830s, but in the new millennium it appears to be more popular than ever. The list of people wearing blackface today includes fashion models, entertainers and college students who don dark face paint during magazine spreads and costume parties. Because blackface historically...

Racial Controversies and Scandals
With one slip of the tongue, a racial controversy can start. Just ask the celebrities caught saying the N-word. Racial scandals aren’t always verbal. There are also race-based political controversies, such as the birthers who claim President Obama wasn’t born in the U.S. because he's Kenyan. For decades, some famous people denied their racial...

Dressing Up As Someone From a Different Race for Halloween
It's become increasingly popular for people to dress up as someone from a different race for Halloween. Halloween observers can avoid common racial gaffes by following tips such as not wearing blackface, Afro wigs and other items that may be regarded as racist.

Halloween Don’ts: Avoid Racially Offensive Costumes
Still deciding what to be for Halloween? If you’re thinking about dressing up as an Indian, a Gypsy or a Geisha, you might want to reconsider. Avoid racially offensive Halloween costumes.

Four Ways Racism Continues to Influence Modern Medicine
Racial bias in medicine was pervasive in the 20th century, but it hasn’t been wiped out in contemporary America. This overview illustrates how racism continues to influence the medical arena.

Native American Influences in Fashion
The high fashion world has embraced Native American styles like never before—featuring moccasins, mukluks, fringe bags and feather earrings in runway collections. But is couture paying tribute to indigenous communities or simply ripping them off in a callous form of cultural appropriation?

A Review of Cultural Appropriation
Spot cultural appropriation and explore alternatives to it via this review of appropriation in pop culture and the books and blogs that expose it.

Race, Racism and the Holidays
A variety of U.S. holidays are regarded as racist or racially insensitive. Do holidays such as Columbus Day or Thanksgiving celebrate the conquest of Native Americans? Some activists argue so. What about Halloween? Observers of that holiday are increasingly accused of fueling stereotypes when they dress up as people of color from geishas to...

Books and Blogs About Cultural Appropriation
Learn more about cultural appropriation with this roundup of noteworthy books, blogs and websites about the persistent phenomenon.

Ending Racial Segregation in the American Church by Promoting…
Both leaders and members of religious institutions can help to make their church interracial. Everything from where a church serves to what kind of music it features during worship can influence its racial makeup. End racial segregation in church by making diversity a priority.

What Is Cultural Appropriation and Why Is It Wrong?
This review of cultural appropriation offers a definition of the practice, examples of appropriation and quotes about it.

Four Ways Minority Students Can Cope With Racism on College Campuses
Life on a predominantly white college campus will likely prove challenging for minority students, but there are ways for them to thrive at universities where racism is an issue.

Seven Notorious Racist College Parties
In recent years, U.S. colleges and universities have experienced a surge in student parties with racist themes. This overview lists the most notorious racist college parties.

Five Reasons Why Anti-Muslim Intolerance Makes No Sense
With mosque attacks in California, Wisconsin and Tennessee and the heated controversy over the Islamic Center near Ground Zero in New York, islamophobia is now running rampant in the United States. But religious intolerance is counterproductive to its proponents and victims, alike.

Black American Cuisine With West African Roots
African-American cuisine is not limited to fried chicken, as the racial stereotype about the group suggests. Celebrate Black History Month by indulging in the foods that blacks eat today that have roots in West Africa, such as yams and okra.

Black Websites Reveal Ordinary African Americans Oppose the N-Word
A wide perception exists that African Americans are okay with the N-word as long as whites don’t say it. But when white actress Gwyneth Paltrow sparked controversy by tweeting the N-word, many blacks took to websites to say they didn’t condone Paltrow using the N-word or the rappers who defended her for saying it. In their opinion, the N-word...

Four Myths About Latinos and Immigration
This overview about Latinos and immigration breaks down common stereotypes the public has about Hispanic Americans, including that they’re all recent immigrants, they all speak Spanish and that all undocumented immigrants are Mexicans.

Five Ways to Prevent Racist College Parties From Spreading
An outbreak of racist college parties in the 21st century has led to more discussion about how to discourage students from participating in such events. Five tips for preventing college parties include disciplining students who participate in the events and discussing such parties during orientation week.

Facts About the Four Majority Minority States
Four U.S. States: California, New Mexico and Hawaii have been dubbed majority minority states because people of color in those states outnumber the white population. This profile highlights statistics that make these states unique.

Facts About Famous Arab Americans and the U.S. Arab Population
Learn more about the Arab population in the United States with this roundup of information about Arab American Heritage Month and famous Arab Americans in film, television, pop music and politics.

Four Tips on Developing Interracial Friendships
Four Tips For Developing Interracial Friendships

Profile of Black Voters in the 21st Century
Since Barack Obama’s landmark election in 2008, African-American voters have been under a microscope. This overview clarifies misconceptions about the black electorate and paints a picture of who these voters really are.

Profile of Asian-American Voters
Asian Americans are not only the country’s fastest growing immigrant group but also an increasingly influential voting bloc. This profile of Asian American voters spells out what their concerns are and if they lean more Democrat than Republican.

Five Racially Offensive Ann Coulter Quotes
Conservative commentator Ann Coulter has offended the public with her remarks about various racial groups during the years. This overview revisits her most controversial statements about Jews, blacks, immigrants and Latinos.

The Call For White History Month
Conservatives such as former “SNL” star Victoria Jackson have argued that there should be a White History Month, but in doing so they overlook why cultural heritage months began and that observances for white Americans already exist.

Plastic Surgery Procedures Common Among Minority Groups
Members of minority groups in the United States have long felt the pressure to live up to white standards of beauty. Accordingly, minorities have often elected to have cosmetic procedures that allow them to better conform such standards.

Race, Plastic Surgery and Cosmetic Procedures
When plastic surgery and race mix questions arise about ethnic loyalty and internalized racism.

Celebrating Polish American Heritage Month
Polish American Heritage Month is celebrated in October. It marks a time to reflect on their contributions to the U.S.

Reaction to Donald Sterling’s Alleged Remarks About Blacks
Michael Jordan and Magic Johnson are a few of the big names who responded to the racist remarks L.A. Clippers owner Donald Sterling made in a recording.

Conservatives on The Donald Sterling Racism Controversy
A roundup of comments conservatives such as Donald Trump made about the Donald Sterling controversy.

The Donald Sterling Controversy
An overview of the Donald Sterling scandal, including reaction from the NBA community to his racist remarks and a transcript of the nine-minute recorded coversation he had with V. Stiviano.

How Not to Apologize After Making a Racial Blunder
This roundup includes the common ways public figures apologize after making a racial blunder, often coming across as insincere.

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