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Information About Slavery in the U.S. - Race Relations - About.com
Revisiting the painful topic of slavery is one way to prevent the past from repeating in the future. This overview examines interesting facts about slavery, including ...
Five Interesting Facts About Slavery - Race Relations - About.com
Learn the key facts about the United States' involvement in the slave trade with this overview that details when the slave trade began, how many slaves were ...
African History -- Slavery and the Slave Trade
African people have been captured and sold as slaves within their own continent, across the Atlantic, and in the East. Even today reports in the news suggest ...
Types of Slavery in Africa - African History - About.com
Whether slavery existed within sub-Saharan African societies before the arrival of Europeans is a hotly contested point between Afrocentric and Eurocentric ...
Slavery and the Abolition Movement - African-American History
The nearly 250-year history of slavery in the United States had a profound effect on African-American history. In this section, learn about topics ranging from the ...
Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade: Origins of Slaves - African History
A map showing where slaves were sourced in Africa for the trans-Atlantic slave trade and a table giving the numbers of slaves from each region.
How Did Slaves Resist Slavery?
This article explores the avenues of resistance available to slaves in America.
The Untold History of American Indian Slavery
It is well known by historians that the slave trade began with the Spanish incursions into the Caribbean and Christopher Columbus's taking of slaves, as ...
Events - African-American History - About.com
Since slavery and the abolition movement existed at the same time, there are specific timelines listed that outline key laws, decades and other important ...
History of Slavery Timeline - Civil Liberties - About.com
Slavery appears to be as old as human civilization, and may be older - archaeologists have discovered prehistoric burial plots, dating as far back as the 9th ...
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