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How a Genetic Mutation Led to the White "Race" - Race Relations
Jan 29, 2011 ... Evidently, when humans began leaving Africa 20,000 to 50,000 years ago, a skin -whitening mutation appeared randomly in a sole individual.
Dark Skin Still Considered Troublesome - Race Relations - About.com
Sep 14, 2009 ... CNN recently reported the controversy that's arisen from the soaring popularity of skin whitening creams in India, which have risen in use more ...
Plastic Surgery Common Among Minority Groups - Race Relations
CNN reported in 2009 that a marketing study found that sales for skin whitening creams had jumped more than 100 percent in rural India. The trend indicates a ...
Skin Lightening: How to Do It, Best Creams & More
Japan and Korea have become trendsetters in the skin whitening industry, marketing non-toxic skin creams that are less harmful, but pricey due to the ...
Glutathione - What Should I Know About It? - Alternative Medicine
A number of personal-care products containing glutathione are marketed for their supposed skin-whitening effects. These products include soaps and creams.
N-Acetyl Glucosamine - What You Need to Know
The study also found that N-acetyl glucosamine may be especially effective for skin-whitening when used in combination with niacinamide (a form of vitamin B ...
Day Spas in Dubai - About.com
In Wafi City - Separate male & female spas, Rasoul chamber, eye treatments, facial, hair salon, makeup, waxing, skin whitening, manicure, pedicure, body ...
La Carmina Interview - Multicultural Beauty - About.com
When I was visiting Macau, I remember seeing a sign in a store window about skin whitening, and some companies apparently market skin bleaching creams in  ...
Skin Care Recipes for Your Face - About.com
Head to the kitchen and open the cupboards because chances are good you have what you need to make a skin-lovin' skin care recipe. Pick one from the ...
Acerola Berry - Health Benefits of This Tropical Fruit
What is acerola? What are the benefits and uses of acerola? Are there any safety concerns and side effects? Where can I find it?
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