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Colorism - the Impact of Skin Color Discrimination - Race Relations
Find out more about skin color discrimination, its origins in and outside of the United ... There's a reason why sales of skin-whitening creams continue to soar and ...
Plastic Surgery Common Among Minority Groups - Race Relations
In 2009, an Indian lawmaker suggested that advertisements for skin bleaching creams be banned because they fueled the perception that light skin is the ...
Dark Skin Still Considered Troublesome - Race Relations - About.com
Sep 14, 2009 ... As a boy, Obama couldn't find the words to voice his horror over skin lightening procedures, but I wonder what he would say today about them, ...
Skin Lightening: How to Do It, Best Creams & More
Find out how to lighten your dark skin with natural and store-bought products.
Precautions & Warnings to Bleaching Body & Facial Hair
It's simply not safe. Don't use on extremely exfoliated skin. Bleaching isn't safe to use on areas where you are using Retin A, Alpha Hydroxy, or Glycolic Acid.
Pros and Cons to Bleaching Body & Facial Hair - Hair Removal
Not all hair or skin types can benefit. Don't count on bleaching disguising long or thick hair- only finer ones, like on the face or arms. Bleached hair on dark or tan ...
Skin Bleaches Clothing - Calorie Count
My skin bleaches most kinds of fabric that I come into contact with, especially blues and greens. I have already tried looking up a reason on the ...
Why Do I Have White Spots on My Skin? - Multicultural Beauty
Sometimes what we do is to take a skin bleach and bleach the surrounding skin to lighten it and blend the white spots into the lighter background color as ...
Skin Brightening Turmeric Face Mask - Beauty - About.com
Turmeric is famous in southeast Asia for its skin brightening properties. This facial mask will brighten skin and make your face glow.
Can You Get Away With Platinum Hair? - Beauty - About.com
The best skin tones, why you should try on a wig & more ... Before you attempt to bleach your hair, make sure you will actually look good with platinum hair.
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