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Nadra Kareem Nittle

Race Relations January 2010 Archive


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All -White Basketball League Sparks Controversy

Tuesday January 26, 2010
The All-American Basketball Alliance is different from other minor league basketball organizations. To be eligible to play in the league, one must be an American citizen with parents who are ... Read More

Chinese Language Classes Boom in the U.S.

Saturday January 23, 2010
In 2004, Chinese-American rapper Jin Au-Yeung remarked in his single "Learn Chinese" that the American public would be learning the language of his elders. Turns out Jin wasn't lying. The ... Read More

Haiti Earthquake Coverage Falls Short

Sunday January 17, 2010
Like everyone else, I've been glued to the news watching the coverage of quake-ravaged Haiti. Some of the coverage has made me cringe. Since the earthquake took place, there have ... Read More

Reid Says Obamaís Skin Color and English Helped Him Win Presidency

Saturday January 9, 2010
Nevada Sen. Harry Reid has apologized for saying that the fact that Barack Obama is a light-skinned black who speaks without a "Negro dialect" made him electable as president. Game ... Read More

Harlem No Longer Majority Black

Tuesday January 5, 2010
I've never visited New York City, but if I ever make it to the Big Apple, I'll probably find that the Harlem I've long read about no longer exists. The ... Read More

State Employee Circulates Picture of Obama Shining Palinís Shoes

Sunday January 3, 2010
In recent weeks I've heard lots of good reasons not to support President Barack Obama. Some dissenters take issue with the fact that his health care plan likely will go ... Read More

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